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In March of 2012, we received word that someone was going to give us $200,000 to complete our upgrade in power - well as of this posting (August 2013) that promise has not come through. We have been told from time to time that it will, but the problem is that we only have a certain amount of time given by the FCC to accomplish this task. We ask your prayers in this matter as well as your financial support IF GOD so leads you.

Keep us in your prayers as we search out God's direction in this matter. Whatever God wants is what we OUGHT to be satisfied with. However, we do know that God often tests us to see how much we really want to accomplish something. Your prayers will be greatly appreciated.

Also, if God so leads you to help us, please feel free to contribute in whatever manner you can.

Keep abreast of what is happening by checking our Facebook page from time to time. When the"blessing" comes through, we'll be posting it first on Facebook.




FCC Public File

If you need help accessing the online public file due to a disability, please contact us